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Hey there!!! 

Below you'll find the content that encapsulates who I am! Whether it's trendy visuals and epic sound design or longer pieces that share a deeper story, there is a piece of me in everything I create. 




Hi, I'm Caleb!

I'm a 21-year-old content creator who fell in love with the creation process. I'm extremely passionate about story-telling and believe that video is the most powerful medium for telling those stories and building brand awareness. That is why I work with brands to create high-quality, compelling content that cuts through the noise and drives results.

Whether you need social media ads, product demos or brand storytelling content, I'll collaborate with you to understand your unique goals and produce digital media content that moves the needle.

Men's Lifestyle Content

The SMG Collection

Something For Myself

Local Business Showcase


+27 (83) - 774 - 6097



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